Cinema 4D and Octane Renderer

Open the scene you want to render online in Cinema 4D with Octane Renderer and open the render setup.

Please navigate to the Octane render settings, and configure your max samples and your desired AOV Multipasses, if necessary.

Please Check "Enable" if you nead AOV channel and define the save path for the render pass file, by clicking on the '...' button.

Set a name for the results and then click on 'save'.

Afterward, navigate to the Cinema 4D render settings 'Save' tab and set a save path for the regular image.

Click on the '...' button and define a name and a save path for the regular image.

If you are going to use the Take System, we recommend you also set a path on the multipass here.

Next, set a frame range and a resolution in the 'Output' tab.

Now, You can package your project C4D .

Start Rendering with Super Renders Farm: