Cinema 4D and Redshift Renderer

Open your scene in Cinema 4D with Redshift Renderer and open the Cinema 4D render settings to prepare your scene to be rendered online.

Please navigate to the Redshift render settings. Under the 'AOV' tab configure the Redshift settings to remove any noise on the image.

Go to the 'AOV' tab in the Redshift render settings if you need "AOV" file.

Activate the 'Multi-Pass EXR' option to if you need render all the passes in a single file online.

Now you open the Redshift AOV manager.

In the Redshift AOV manager, add all the passes you need.

Now please navigate to the 'Save' tab in the Cinema 4D render settings.

Please define a save path for the regular image by clicking on the '...' button.

Set a name and save path for your results and then click on 'Save'.

Also please set a name and a save path for your multipass image.

In order to get the multipass image, please set 'OpenEXR' as output format.

Now, You can package your project C4D .

Start Rendering with Super Renders Farm: