Simulate local path - keep folder/files path the same as your local computer

Packaging project is a hassle, especially with such extremely complicated projects.

Penetrating how hard things have been for Super Renders' users, we create a whole new function:

SIMULATE LOCAL PATHScreen_Shot_2020-04-09_at_22.05.34.png 

Simulating your local directory on our farm means the system will automatically create the same environment as your local machine.

  • For example, your scene is located at "D:\projects\mybuiding\"; and its textures are located at "Z:\textures\texture_collection\". Create these two directories here (SRF Spaces), and upload your scene to "D:\projects\mybuiding\" and textures to "Z:\textures\texture_collection\".
  • Examples: "D:/projects/mybuilding", or "D/projects/mybuidling" or "D:\projects\mybuilding"

Along with it, we have the UPLOAD BY SYNC TOOL feature that makes your work easier and faster!

Try it out now, you'll see how smoothly it would work.

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