Ways to get exr format output (including render elements) at Super Renders Farm

You definitely can get your output as .exr format when rendering your project at Super Renders Farm. There are two ways to do it, let's see! 

Option 1. Directly setting in your scene configuration

After finish configuring your scene, go to Save file


After that, choose .exr as the format file: 


Besides, if you haven't chosen the elements to render, you can select Setup -> Choose the needed files: 


Save all these settings then your file is ready to be rendered with .exr output format. 

Option 2. Configure on Super Renders Farm 

If you didn't set up the output format in your scene configuration, no worries, there's another way to get .exr format output here. After finishing scene analysis, you'll go to Start render job form. 

In Scene Params -> Scroll down to Output Settings then choose .exr as Output extension.


To get rendered elements with .exr format, remember to turn on the button "Automatically Add/Remove Render Elements from Render Dialog" button. 

* For those who use VRAY FRAME BUFFER

If you chose option “Enable build-in frame buffer” and you want to get exr format output including render elements:

Step 1: Please check “V-Ray raw image file”


Step 2: Save image .exr format, it contains all render elements for the image and remember You HAVE TO check “DEEP EXR” before clicking the save button.


Note:Memory frame buffer” – Creates a V-Ray frame buffer and uses it to store color data that you can observe while rendering and afterward. If you wish to render really high resolutions that would not fit into memory or that may eat up a lot of your RAM not allowing for the scene to render properly, you can turn this feature off and use only the Render to “V-Ray raw image file feature”.

That's all! Above are two ways to get .exr format output at Super Renders Farm, hope this helps. 



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