Missing plugin in shelf & removing the plugin

There usually can be 2 causes of the plugin being missing in the shelf.

Cause 1 - Plugin did not install in the correct Maya scripts directory

You can check if this is the cause by running a command in Maya script editor:
Paste the following text into the Python box, select all of it and click run:



If Plugin window opens, this is not the cause of the missing shelf icon, please proceed to the Cause 2.

If it does not open and script editor shows error like:

ImportError: file <maya console> line 1: No module named Yeti

it means it is not installed or it is installed in the wrong location:

The default Maya scripts directory is:

   Windows: C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Documents\maya\scripts\mayaBeamer
   OSX: /Users/{YourUserName}/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scripts/mayaBeamer

Please make sure that you installed the plugin on the same user account that you are using Maya. This needs to be a user account that has administrator privileges.


Cause 2 - Some 3rd party addon interfered with adding plugin icon, or any other reason


  1. Find and Delete the 3rd party addon at your machine.

  2. In case the first method fails, please apply the second method.


Sometimes the plugin icon disappears because Maya looses the ability to read custom shelves correctly. It is enough to remove existing userPrefs.mel file.

userPrefs.mel file is located here:

  • Win: C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Documents\maya\201X\prefs\userPrefs.mel

  • OSX: /Users/{YourUserName}/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/201x/prefs/userPrefs.mel

Please check if the plugin's visible in Maya's shelf afterwards.

In case you still experience issues or need assistance, please get in touch with our support. In solving this issue on our side, it would be useful for us to see the content of the Output window and userSetup.py file, please prepare it and show it to us whenever it is possible.

How to remove the plugin files and uninstall the plugin

To uninstall the plugin completely, please remove all plugin files, the default locations are:

   Windows: C:\Users\{YourUserName}\Documents\maya\scripts\
   OSX: /Users/{YourUserName}/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/scripts/

and remove it from Maya shelf, similar way as it's described in Cause2 -> Method2.


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